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Our services this Sunday are at 10 a.m. (Arrochar) and 11.45 a.m. (Luss and on-line). Everyone is welcome. Please do join us.
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Weddings at Luss Church

Luss Church has become a Church which is hugely in demand for weddings for people from all over Scotland and also for folk from all round the world. In many parishes the privilege of being married in the Parish Church is reserved for those who have a live connection with the parish by living there or being members of the congregation. Such a distinction is not possible in Luss because so many of the people of Scotland feel that Luss belongs to them; in fact for many people in the Glasgow area Luss is where weekends are spent, where people fall in love and where engagements are made, so it is appropriate for the Church in Luss to bless their special moments as well.

Through the wonders of the internet, the staff of Luss Church are able to keep in contact with those wishing to be married here, to provide appropriate preparation and to plan the details of weddings which have been arranged. Because people are so mobile it is also possible for almost every couple planning to be married here to visit our congregation on a number of occasions and, because wedding couples meet with the minister on Sundays after Church, the whole congregation can be involved in welcoming them into our midst using the facility of the Pilgrimage Centre as a coffee shop and meeting place.

For many people this often represents the first real contact with a Christian Church but it becomes a living contact and most couples keep in touch with the congregation in the months and years following their marriage both through the internet and by regularly returning to visit the congregation which has welcomed them into its midst.

Each year weddings are conducted for couples from more than forty different countries and the congregation has been enriched by the presence of so many young folk from all over the world. In an age when we are told that the numbers of weddings are steadily declining it is good to report that the numbers of applications for weddings in Luss Church continue to increase significantly each year and also that there is a very large increase in the number of people wishing to renew their wedding vows after a number of years. There is also a significant number of requests for wedding blessings for those from foreign countries who, for legal reasons, have contracted a civil marriage in their own home land before coming to Scotland for their religious ceremony. Full information about getting married in Luss Church (including an on-line application form) is contained on the Luss web-site.

Finally, why do so many people wish to be married here? For those from the west of Scotland it is because this is a special place, filled with memories. For those from overseas it is very often because they feel Scottish but don’t have an allegiance to a special place – so Loch Lomond, Scotland’s most beautiful loch and a place of romance, becomes the place and Luss Church the Church. Many more nowadays come as a result of a personal recommendation from those who have been married here themselves. However they come, their coming is an opportunity and a missionary challenge to us in the congregation of Luss and one to which we seek to respond with all the resources available to us. Since our Sunday services have started being broadcast each Sunday on the internet we have discovered that for many people who have come to be married here we have become their Church family. They share with us in Sunday worship and look forward to special visits to Luss to renew their friendships with those with whom they worship from afar.

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